Planning for your move is very important. Part of that planning process must include packing, hiring the right movers, scheduling everything correctly, and there is always storage plans if you plan on storing your items during the transition process.

Planning for Storage: This is something you want to consider early as it will affect other aspects of your moving plans. Your items in storage will affect your moving experience. Whether your items will be held for 1 day or 1 month, you must be sure to pack accordingly so if there are any delays where you will need to extend your storage, you will not be at an inconvenience.

This includes personal items, valuables, toiletries, kids toys, and so on. Anything you feel  you will need while your items are in storage. Making a detailed list prior to your packing and then packing according your list may also help.

Hiring the right movers: Choose a mover who listens to your needs and concerns. The right mover will spend time on your estimate going over your items, dates, delivery expectations, storage needs, and of course offering you a the best possible rate for your unique move. Each move is different and having the right mover help you plan it makes it so much easier. We at Removing America spend time in the planning stage on understanding all aspects of your moving details including item list, packing needs, schedules, and so on to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Book In Advance: Be sure to book your move in advance to avoid last minute reservations. With anything, even when going out to dinner, you want to always confirm your reservation somewhat in advance or you may not get a table. Same goes for airlines, concerts, and so on. With moving it is no different. In fact, it is crucial as truck space and labor are limited resources. So to get the dates you want, try to book your moving reservation at least 1 month in advance. Anything within 1 month is considered a last minute reservation. Trucks, labor, materials, and other resources need to be allocated to your move and any moving company regardless of their size, have limited monthly resources.

Packing Correctly: Packing is very important to ensuring your items arrive safely. No matter how careful your movers are, if your glass items are not packing correctly, they will break simply from shock waves traveling through the truck during transport. So be sure to add lots of paper and bubble wrap around each glass item when packing it. If you are unsure how to pack your items, call us at 844-909-7222 to ask or let us do the packing for you at an affordable rate.